Storm Kickboxing Academy welcomes males, females and children (Age 4+) of all levels of fitness and ability.

If you are interested in learning the complete skills of a Freestyle Martial Arts along with gaining new skills. Why not have a lesson with us.

Our club welcomes all individuals if you want to get fit, learn how to do all forms of martial arts such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai,  Low kick, K1 and Taekwondo.

We already have a fantastic range of individuals in our team who Train and some compete in competitions.

We have had Welsh, British European, World champions and other major sporting tournaments across the world.

Our coaches love the sport and have been involved in a range of martial arts for a few years.

Both Shaun and Ashley Brace have been around martial arts for many years and would like to share Martial Arts with others.

We also over 121 Sessions:

This is for individual development one to one training helps us support our students for individual development and at a faster rate of development and improvement.