Our Sponsors

First sponsor on board New Tredegar Building Supplies. Massive thanks for helping the club and sponsoring us with building materials to make the hall a better place.  If anyone is looking for building supplies contact Lynn and Ray.

If you would like to get involved we would greatly appreciate any support.

We looking for sponsors to support us with the below:

  • Boxing Head guard for fighting BLUE & RED.
  • Wrestling mats for gym
  • Boxing Wall Timer
  • Ring canvas & steps
  • Strength & Conditioning Equipment
  • Bags and wall brackets
  • Gloves and Pads
  • Lightweights
  • Help with taking our fighters away to tournaments.
  • Team Kit



New Tredegar Building Supplies

So grateful for new Tredegar building supplies for helping us out with building materials for our gym.

If anyone is interested in supplies contact Lynn and Ray

Contact number: 01443 836960.

Find them on facebook - New Tredegar Building Supplies

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Charity Behind the scenes

We need your support to improve our facilities that we have and to get the best equipment for our classes.

Working with Us The benefits

Raises academic performance
Improves school attendance
Improves behavioural issues
Reduces disruptive behaviour
Increases confidence
Increase self esteem
Raises aspiration
Raises participation in school