Ashley Brace's Boxing and Fitness Ltd Education in schools

We can deliver our programmes in Primary schools, Secondary and Pupil referral units in South Wales.

What we offer: 
Group Non-contact boxing and mentoring.
Individual Non- contact boxing and mentoring.

What Non Contact boxing includes:
We offer fun but demanding physical sessions for young people to learn how to box. Workouts include- pad work, bag work, footwork ladders, skipping and shadow boxing.

Types of programmes we offer: 
We can offer two different types of programmes.
Programme one - Physical Boxing Training programme
Programme two - Physical Boxing Training with Theory aspects of basic boxing.

We will help mentor the students to improve their skills while participating in the programme, by trying to encourage them to get the best out of the sport by developing their selves and finding their own individuality.  While understanding discipline, dealing with anger, building self-esteem and self-confidence.


Ashley Brace's Boxing and Fitness address lots of aspects including the development of fundamental movement skills - agility, balance and coordination - the ABC's. Every child will develop at their own pace, the sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the young person and provide activities which are designed to support their physical development in a progressive way.