Steven Gomer Evans

Age: 41
Experience: 12 Years
Specialisation: MMA Coach and Boxing volunteer.
Profession: MMA Fighter

I was a Professional MMA Fighter,  I live and breath training and love everything about contact sports. I'm still in fantastic shape and in the gym regular training however my injuries are stopping me from fighting. I am helping coach a range of individuals at the gym from kids to adults.  I am also helping  train people for charity fights. I am coaching Ashley Brace and developing both her wrestling and MMA Skills. BEST MMA Fights: Won -Rumble in Rhonda (Light-heavy weight title) Won- Pain pit (Light-heavy weight title). Draw - Spartan (light heavy weight title) against a Brazilian fighter. Participated in 16 Man Tournament in Newcastle. Fought for the Mertyr Mayhem Title.
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Catherine Callaghan

Age: 32
Experience: 22 years
Specialisation: Overall Fitness Coach and Boxing Leader
Profession: Fitness Instructor and Boxing Coach

Shaun Brace

Age: 49
Experience: 18 years experience in martial arts 5th dan master in kickboxing and 4th degree in karate
Specialisation: professional boxing coach, second and cuts man
Profession: Head coach

Ashley Brace

Age: 28
Experience: 19 years
Specialisation: Boxing Leader
Profession: University graduate sport coach and professional boxer