Shaun Brace

Age: 49
Experience: 18 years experience in martial arts 5th dan master in kickboxing and 4th degree in karate
Specialisation: professional boxing coach, second and cuts man
Profession: Head coach

HEAD COACH Professional coach Shaun has 18 years experience in martial arts 5th degree master in kickboxing and 4th degree in karate. He owns storm kickboxing academy which is a family based martial arts club. They have produced numerous welsh, British, European and world champions. Many of his fighters went on to become welsh champion in boxing down to the expertise in the training that was produced. Was a fighter himself however his passion was in coaching specially as he coached his daughter Ashley brace and is supporting her through her professional boxing career. He loves all forms of fighting studies it and trained all over the world. He his a international kickboxing referee. And currently is a professional boxing coach and coach of Ashley brace.
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Steven Gomer Evans

Age: 41
Experience: 12 Years
Specialisation: MMA Coach and Boxing volunteer.
Profession: MMA Fighter

Catherine Callaghan

Age: 32
Experience: 22 years
Specialisation: Overall Fitness Coach and Boxing Leader
Profession: Fitness Instructor and Boxing Coach

Ashley Brace

Age: 28
Experience: 19 years
Specialisation: Boxing Leader
Profession: University graduate sport coach and professional boxer