Catherine Callaghan

Age: 32
Experience: 22 years
Specialisation: Overall Fitness Coach and Boxing Leader
Profession: Fitness Instructor and Boxing Coach

Very active person ever since I was little ranging from Karate, Football, Rugby, Athletics. I was part of the Rhymney Valley Athletics club for many years where I won numerous 800m and hurdle competitions. I also won various medals and competitions in Karate as a Brown belt but injury forced me to quit. Throughout my teenage years I went down the wrong path and got involved with the wrong crowd with alcohol. I then decided I had to do something with my life I left school with 11 GCSEs. I met my now husband when I was 17 years old and got into Boxing we travelled up and down the country watching various professional boxers especially our good friend Bradley Pryce who was then my Coach. I done a short spell in the Amateur Boxing scene but then my injuries got the better of me and was told I wasn't to do any more fitness as I could possibly lose my leg, after having an operation on my knee It got me really down then one day I thought to myself I am not letting this get me down that's when I got the chance to play football at Wembley Stadium which was a massive honour. After experiencing this I wasn't letting my knee get in the way of things, that's when I got back involved in Boxing and realised that I would love to share my experience and skills with others. I have so much to give in terms of fitness and would also like to get into the boxing scene a lot more. I’m now apart of the boxing world with AB boxing and already have made massive improvements to the students fitness levels and giving new ways to train.
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Steven Gomer Evans

Age: 41
Experience: 12 Years
Specialisation: MMA Coach and Boxing volunteer.
Profession: MMA Fighter

Shaun Brace

Age: 49
Experience: 18 years experience in martial arts 5th dan master in kickboxing and 4th degree in karate
Specialisation: professional boxing coach, second and cuts man
Profession: Head coach

Ashley Brace

Age: 28
Experience: 19 years
Specialisation: Boxing Leader
Profession: University graduate sport coach and professional boxer