Sporting Chance

We offer education in schools, provisions in our centre and after school clubs.
In regard to Fitness, Boxing and Kickboxing classes our sessions will meet the curriculum. Developing life long interests in sport and create new opportunities for young people.

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ASHLEY BRACE’S Sporting Chance

What We Offer !

Sport and Education in your Schools -  AB Boxing and Fitness Ltd will provide sessions where they can learn discipline, respect and learn how to control their anger during the boxing sessions. A good variety of theory specific to boxing and fitness.  We will work with challenging students to try and provide a focus for these individuals.
We will also provide after school classes for students and fitness classes for teachers.

Sport and Education you come to us Provision - 

AB Boxing and Fitness Ltd provide a sessions and a facility where I can work with more challenging behaviour kids that are not working in mainstream schools. The aim of this is to provide a focus for these individuals so they then can develop and also improve their behaviour while in school. The programmes offer a combination of sport for engagement whilst using mentoring and behaviour management tools to get the young person to understand their behaviour and its consequence. We can also work with teachers to improve the level of their teaching, planning  and dealing with behavioural  students.

After School Clubs -

We have two clubs in our facility in Brynmawr Community Centre AB Boxing and Fitness ABC, Storm Kickboxing. We also provide private lessons for individuals which would like to work on a 121 basis.


We are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through physical activity.
Boxing and Fitness is a fantastic way to target these areas.
Our sessions are designed for children of all abilities and are run by highly trained professionals, get in contact today.

Recent News

Isabel Minton 7th December 2018

Our first boxer to step in the ring in Bargoed was Isabel Minton she showed amazing talent throughout the fight. She fought her little heart out it was a very close fight and could have gone either way. It was brillint to get her in the ring whatever [...]

Isabel Minton 16th Feb 2019

Isabel flew the Welsh Flag in Darleston England. Isabel showed great skills and power throughout the contest, already showing massive improvement from her first contest. It was fantastic to see her shine under the lights against a very strong contend [...]

Rory Minton 16th February 2019

Rory flew the Welsh Flag in Darleston England. Rory’s bout turned into a skills contest which he performed outstandingly. A nice bit of experience under his belt ready for his first contest coming up. He showed great skills throughout the conte [...]

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